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topic posted Thu, March 8, 2007 - 9:20 AM by  Damon
This Tribe is beyond dead! There's rarely any activity or messages, but I guess these things take time. It could take years to develope a network of people into this topic.

Anyway, my footage of animal encounters (tarantulas, bats, & scorpions so far) are slowly making their way to Youtube. It's part of "Eco Maniacs", a section within the series SATANIC VIEWS. Don't be put off by the title! I'm really just an athiest, one cast member is agnostic, and another practices Wicca & Pagan stuff. It's a variety show for 'unique' types, and there are three episodes so far.

Interested parties may type in SATANIC VIEWS and/or DAMON FOSTER at Youtube, or at a Google search-- my videos are easy to locate.

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